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Sweat sensors pave the way for real-time health tracking

Material scientists have developed flexible sensors which can analyze multiple chemicals in sweat real-time and give an indication of the person’s hydration levels, temperature and other health parameters. Integrated into wrist bands or head bands, such sensors could be used for monitoring athletic performance or for remote monitoring of patient vitals.

How to Create Happier Outcomes for New Ventures

The workshop at a large global consumer products company ended in an unfortunate place. After an engaged discussion and the review of the first three years of a product launch, the group concluded that an entire product line should be shut down. What mattered, though, wasn’t the outcome so much as its meaning. Someone mentioned…

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X-ray vision technology to see “inside objects”

A hardhat, launched by Intel, comes integrated with a set of glasses that enable X-Ray-like vision for the wearer, using Intel’s RealSense 3D camera. With a real-time overlay of essential information such as wiring diagrams and schematics, it could be an effective tool in industrial applications, also making it the most powerful augmented reality wearable

The disrupted makes a comeback

Traditional film makes a comeback with Kodak’s new Super 8 camera, which combines complementary characteristics of both digital and analog media, bringing back the quality of film and the convenience of digital.

Customized devices possible through writable circuits

Moving away from the world of rigid circuit boards, Soft Electronics, which are soft sheets of silicone rubber embedded with tiny droplets of liquid metal, can be used to draw electrical circuits into existence, on demand, paving the way for the future of wearable and implantable devices.

How to Tell If a Company Is Good at Innovating or Just Good at PR

In many organization, innovation has gone from fringe to buzzword to a must-have. There are a variety of legitimate reasons for companies to bolster their innovation capabilities, ranging from fighting against current and emerging competitors to raising morale and attracting younger employees.

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Drones go mainstream as commercial tools

Drones are finding their way into a wide array of applications, including agriculture, mining, monitoring data for climate change and assisting in locating missing persons. Functioning as aerial sensors, drones are proving to be very cost effective solutions to address business and community issues, while also reducing the risk to human life.

Stock Trading Made Free

A real-world ‘Robinhood’, a technology-driven brokerage, comes to the world of stock-trading through zero-commission trades. With real time data, fast execution, integration across other platforms and zero commission, it brings stock trading to the masses.

Morphing tire makes driving safer

Kumho has conceptualized a new tire design, Maxplo, which morphs itself based on the road conditions. It introduces grooves for channeling water, spikes for conditions of snow or ice, and expands its footprint to increase traction on mud, thereby doing away with the need to change tires based on weather.

RF signals enable X-Ray vision

Researchers at MIT have developed a device, RF Capture, which can track human motion, using wireless signals, even through concrete. With over 90% accuracy and high sensitivity such that it can even detect a person’s heart rate, it could be used for home automation solutions, detecting falls in the elderly as well as for channeling