Adaptive headlights enhance visibility while driving

An adaptive headlight system, which utilizes more than 1000 LED pixels is set to make driving safer by facilitating precise and controlled light distribution based on road and traffic conditions. The adaptive nature also makes the system energy efficient by turning on only a subset of LEDs, typically estimated to be 30% of the total

Glowing nanobots help in faster diagnosis

Researchers have created nanobots with varying lengths of DNA strings, which can be used to easily diagnose particular diseases. The long strings enable detection of a specific disease while the short strings glow when the disease is detected. Even life threatening diseases like Ebola and TB could be detected faster than lab techniques.

Agribots enable farming automation in inaccessible areas

Ibex has developed extreme mobility agribots to tackle farming automation in extreme agricultural conditions, such as thick vegetation, toxic weeds or hilly and steep terrain. These robots are a cheaper and safer alternative to destroy encroaching weeds individually, thereby preventing the need for broadcast or manual spraying which can be environmentally hazardous or very labor

Life-saving products now in safer hands

PowerPath Temp is a monitoring device for hospitals and clinics to maintain temperature regulation of healthcare products such as vaccines and drugs as well as human organs and tissues. It notifies the maintenance personnel about temperature variations as well as power fluctuations through a web-interface, enabling quick preventive actions before spoilage can occur.

A neckband that prevents concussions

The likelihood of a concussion could be drastically reduced by wearing a specially designed neckband. By constantly applying slight pressure to the neck, it increases the blood volume in the vein structure of the brain, thereby causing the brain to occupy more space and move around less in case of impact.

Bridging the gap between online and offline retailers

MoMark Services is enabling offline retailers to increase customer engagement by providing the same tools available to online players. It integrates multiple mobile wallets, facilitates customer loyalty programs and digital coupons, as well as provides customer analytics data to the SMEs, without the need for high investment.

Traditional tattoos get new life

Through the use of projection mapping, tattoo artists are bringing the traditional art form of body tattoos to life. Using light projection to render 3D animation onto a traditional ink tattoo and conform to the curves of a subject’s body, traditional tattoos can be seen slithering across the body, raising eyebrows or flapping wings. This,

Sci- fi soon a reality

With DARPA innovating through investing in cheaper and more flexible warfare technology, science fiction is finding its way into the real world. Through unmanned submarine hunters and artificial intelligence integrated into the cockpit, to assess and neutralize threats on all fronts, it aims to minimize the human exposure to warfare.

Fine-tune your surroundings

With augmented reality earbuds, you could now control the sounds you hear, from tuning down the chatter in a room to cranking up the bass of live music to your liking. With translation speeds of 30 millionths of a second, there is no perceptible lag in the audio and this could soon find it’s way

Sweat sensors pave the way for real-time health tracking

Material scientists have developed flexible sensors which can analyze multiple chemicals in sweat real-time and give an indication of the person’s hydration levels, temperature and other health parameters. Integrated into wrist bands or head bands, such sensors could be used for monitoring athletic performance or for remote monitoring of patient vitals.