Write-on biosensors to ease detection in a variety of areas

Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego have developed a bio-ink that reacts to chemicals and can be delivered with an ordinary ballpoint pen. The new biocatalytic pen technology holds considerable promise for a broad range of potential applications.

Disney makes Magic come alive

Taking us into the future is not Silicon Valley, but rather the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando. A wristband that not only tracks your location, but also maintains your identity and credit card information, Disney has accomplished what Silicon Valley has its eyes set on

Solar energy could move from homes to aircrafts

Solar Impulse 2, an aircraft running entirely on solar power and not a drop of fuel is on course on its 35,000km journey around the world. Although significantly slower than commercial flights, this mission is done in the name of innovation and renewable energy.

From the reel world to the real world

Scientists have discovered an alloy that exists as a liquid under 30˚C. In this state, it can move around, change shape or even act as a self-powered pump when held stationary, taking us a step closer to creating shape-shifting robots.

Google’s Lunar XPrize invites you to space

With an incentive of $20 million as the grand prize, teams from over the world are competing to land a robot on the moon and make space travel a commercial possibility.

Mechanizing the human heart

Patients with heart failure can now hope for a viable solution without the need for organ donation and heart transplants.  BiVACOR is a bionic heart that could replace a failing heart and simulate its functionality, while also being durable.

Wearable devices could be powered by energy-generating textile

A team of Korean scientists have designed a textile capable of harnessing energy from movement to power wearable devices without an external power source. The scientists reported that light finger pressure applied to the four stacked layers of the material provided enough energy to power light sources, (LCDs), and a keyless entry remote for 12,000 cycles.

Barclays to allow mobile payments based on Twitter handles

The bank's mobile payments app, Pingit, has so far used telephone numbers as the main identifiers for customers. The service will now be extended to Twitter handles, which iOS and Android users can associate with their Pingit accounts.

Truly portable power plant

German startup, eZelleron, has created a handheld portable generator that can charge smartphones and other mobile devices. Its fuel cell technology converts gas directly into electricity enabling it to run on commonly available fuels

Low cost innovation set to transform healthcare in India

A variety of solutions to address sudden cardiac arrest, anemia testing, preventable blindness is emerging from Indian companies focusing on frugal innovation.